Originally published: 8/21/2005; 4:07:39 PM

8/4/05, San Juan Islands–Orcas Island is shaped like a giant horseshoe. [My Dad and Uncle John offered alternative–shall we say, “anatomical”–interpretations of the island shape, true to form]. This morning we sailed up the inside of the horseshoe. [Again, the morning’s description of the sail plan was made somewhat more colorful by the brothers Potts continuing with their lewd metaphor]. Just for fun, we practiced man overboard drills. John and I both took a turn at the helm and we both executed flawlessly, recovering the fender we threw overboard on the first try. I think the new sailors on the crew were pretty impressed. I was glad we didn’t have to chase the fender all the way to Portland.

Next stop was Blakely Island to top off the fuel tanks. No problem docking or leaving the dock here. The general store on Blakely didn$(Bt (Bhave much beyond the bare necessities so we were quickly on our way.

We rounded Stewart and Lumi Island and began looking for a mooring ball. We saw a sweet little cove with a single ball but it was taken. I believe this was the Lumi Island Beach Recreation Area or somesuch.

On up at Inati we found three large boats already at anchor. We backed in, hoping to find room but it was just too tight. We headed into the wind and attempted to raise the main but it got hung up on the spreader. On the second attempt we got hung up in the lazy jack. Our last try failed as well–the halyard was twisted and John was worried it had become frayed so we dropped it. The wind died soon after so it wasn’t a total loss. That was the only sail trouble we had the entire trip.

With no decent anchorage and with Bellingham only a short motor away we decided we’d spend the last night in the slip. At the time I was bummed but as it turned out, it was a good decision. The next morning fog rolled in to the bay which made it real tough for the other boats in the fleet to make it safely back in on time. Plus, we were able to clean up, pack up, and put the boat away with little time pressure.

Brian, Dave, and I walked towards town looking for a beer. The harbor’s not too close to Bellingham Proper but we found a little lounge overlooking the marina. After having been on the boat for a week our gait wasn’t too steady. Every once in a while we’d veer off to the left or right. We looked like we should be walking home from the bar instead of walking towards it.

On to San Juan Islands — Afterthoughts

Jeff lounges on the tramp

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