We cruised out of Squalicum Harbor, crossed Bellingham Bay and headed to Matia. As usual, the early birds got the worms–there were no mooring balls available. So we headed over to Sucia.

Unfortunately, the winds were too light for any serious sailing today. On the positive side, we did grab a spot on a mooring fence in Echo Bay. (A mooring fence is like a dock you can tie up to but can’t walk on. It essentially consists of two large posts with two rows of rope. Each rope has a set of rings you tie your dock lines to).

Dave and I kayaked over to the island to do some exploring. In Shallow Bay, a bald eagle surprised us as we emerged from the forest. He flew right by us with wings outstretched, snagged a fish from the bay, then headed back to his nest. We saw two more before we left the cove.


I climbed a small rock formation called the “China Caves”. Our guess was that they were formed from wind erosion because they were so high but after doing a bit of research back on the boat it turns out they were formed by wave action and then geologically lifted 30 feet over time.

For dinner: Burgers and cheesy potatoes. For dessert: Raw cookie dough.

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