We dropped the mooring ball and headed to Doe Island which is a tiny island off the southern tip of Orcas. On the tiny island is a tiny state park.

Beth and Liz circumnavigated the island in the kayak. John, Wanda, Nancy, and I took the dinghy and explored the tide pools. They were a bit disappointing.

We climbed a small bluff and found a mother otter with three babies. She ran down to the edge of the water, jumped in, and returned with a fish of some sort for her pups. I snagged some great video of that.

After Doe Island we headed around the tip of Lummi. The winds were just enough to fill the sails without making much headway so we launched the dinghy for some photos of Anais under sail. After that, we continued to search Lummi Island for a decent spot to spend the night but the best opportunity–Inati Bay–was full so we headed across Bellingham Bay to Fairhaven.

We decided to give Liz and Beth a little practice securing dock lines to the mooring fence. Beth snagged one of the rings with a boat hook but the boat began to drift away from the fence. With Beth holding fast, the mooring fence rope began to bow outward. At about the time the fence hit its peak arc, the boat hook handle came free which launched the boat hook harpoon style in the direction of a coast guard cutter. I was laughing uncontrollably at this point. We were relieved that a killer whale didn’t pass by in that instant–Beth might have had to pay a stiff fine for spearing an endangered marine mammal.

The boat hook floated for a bit and then was thought to be lost. Dave later found it floating between the two hulls.

Dave and I each took a turn competing for “Most Awkward Dinghy Entry/Exit” this evening. Luckily, neither of us hit the water. We’re not sure whether it was the beer, the drizzle, our bravado, or a mix of all three.

For dinner: Nancy’s Famous Spaghetti with spicy sausage and meatballs. Butterfinger ice cream bars for dessert.

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