On the Lost Prospector trail

October 2, 2006–Woke up to partial clouds and headed for the Lost Prospector Trail. The trail head was easy to find and was convenient to downtown. In fact, a lot of the hike offers some great views of the entire town and the valley. The trail circumnavigates a small mountain right on the edge of town. (I call them mountains but I’m from the plains. The locals would call them foothills).

One of the cool things about Park City is that there are trails everywhere. The trouble is that they aren’t always well-marked. At the end of our hike we ended up being able to see the trailhead (thus completing the loop) but we were unable to get there directly. We were forced to take the road back to our starting point. Road hiking is never pleasant for tired feet and legs. Plus, it is a little demoralizing. But we made it back safe-and-sound and got in a little downtown shopping before the rain started.

All-in-all I’d say Park City is a great place to spend a long weekend enjoying the outdoors. We left plenty to do for next time. I want to check out some of the mountain bike tours White Pine Touring has to offer as well as some of the state parks in the area. And I think we’ll take the kids next time. Between watching the aerialists land into the training pool at Olympic Park, looking for moose on the area hiking trails, and rides on the town lift, I think we’d have plenty to keep them entertained.