Farewell to OS/2

So farewell then, OS/2 – Windowed to death, finally. ‘Better Windows than Windows’ Losedows [The Register]

“…Now the legacy is over. Man, it was a sweet OS!!” [Tom’s Blog]

Back in the day I worked in the mainframe department of a large semiconductor company. Only a couple of select individuals had PCs. Everyone else had dumb terminals. And this was 1992. When we got our first PCs, they were loaded with OS/2. I think OS/2 had a better terminal emulation or something. We were always thumbing our noses at the Windows folks. OS/2 was for people with “serious” technical needs. I learned REXX on OS/2 and loved it. I used it for a lot of different tasks, much like Perl or Python is used today. Then, slowly, our systems became dual-boot because there were Windows apps we had to run that wouldn’t run on OS/2 for some reason. Eventually, we were all-windows. Forced by The Man to use a “sub-par” operating system.