Back from Hawaii

I’m back. Christy and I have been in Hawaii for the last two weeks celebrating our tenth anniversary. I kept a hand-written travel journal during the trip. I’ve transferred it to my blog. Here’s the index.

Day 1 — “Day 1, Kauai”
Day 2 — “Day 2, Kauai”. Helicopter ride.
Day 3 — “Day 3, Kauai”. Movie Tour.
Day 4 — “Day 4, Kauai”. Doing nothing.
Day 5 — “Day 5, Volcanoes National Park”. Short hikes, checked in to Volcano House.
Day 6 — “Day 6, Volcanoes National Park”. Kilauea Iki Crater trail, Petroglyphs, Lava flow.
Day 7 — “Day 7, Volcanoes National Park”. Hike across Kilauea caldera.
Day 8 — “Day 8, Kona”. Drive around the island. Checked in to Kona Tiki.
Day 9 — “Day 9, Kona”. Exploring Kona Coast. Manta Ray night dive.
Day 10 — “Day 10, Kona and Oahu”. Shopping in Kona. Checked in to Royal Hawaiian in Honolulu.
Day 11 — “Day 11, Oahu”. USS Arizona Memorial