Momentum coverage

Today was a full day. They started with another general session. They brought out a guy who was supposedly a content management expert. As he flipped through his presentation, it started to become apparent that we had been tricked. He finally ‘fessed up to being a professional comedian. His satire on the evils of PowerPoint was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. We riffed on some of the Documentum terminology for a while to keep it relevant and then closed with some funny stuff on marriage. Don McMillan’s web site is

I hit sessions on the Documentum API (DAPI), Business Objects Framework, Content Management for Portals, Documentum and Plumtree, Complying with Sar-Box, and Delta Airlines. (Notes to follow).

Tonight, the party was at Mardis Gras World which is where they build a lot of the floats for the parades each year. They had good music and good food but it was pretty tame. Until the parade started. We had told one of the people in our group that she should get her picture taken with Dave DeWalt (CEO, Documentum) and Joseph Tucci (CEO, EMC). They were busy getting dressed for the parade but happily obliged. Then, they offered us spots on the floats. We suited up in costumes and then it was go-time.

Mandy got to be the Queen of the parade. She rode with Dave and Joe. I rode in a different float with a couple of the other guys. The parade proceeded through the warehouse as we hurled cups, beads, and doubloons to the crowd. I think I inadvertently beaned a few inattentive party-goers but no permanent damage was done. (Pics coming soon).

We finished off the night at Cafe du Monde for some beignets. Good stuff all around.