Documentum-Cocoon integration progress

Got a Reader and a Generator added to my Cocoon-Documentum integration package last week. I also tested out the sendmail transformer that comes with Cocoon. Now, I can grab any file from Documentum from Cocoon using the Reader and then stream it to the browser or email it. If I want to transform an object stored in Documentum, I can use the Generator to snag it and then use it as I normally would in any other pipeline. For both I’m using the same protocol Documentum uses to reference documents through their “virtual link” support which is /<docbase>:<full path to content>.

I haven’t made the Reader or the Generator available yet. I’ll add it to the Transformer package when I get a chance.

What’s left to do is create a protocol. That will allow me to use any Documentum object anywhere in a pipeline rather than just being restricted to Readers and Generators. That means I could store my XSL stylesheets as objects in the Documentum repository instead of on the file system if I wanted/needed to, although that would degrade pipeline performance.