Dynamic charting of Documentum data using Cocoon and Xindice

Got charting working. The XMLDB pieces I noted in Step 3 and Step 4 of this post were actually very easy. The syntax for getting XML into Xindice is simple as is the querying. Once I got that going it was just a matter of hooking of the pieces of my pipeline to do what I wanted to do. I did have to tweak the XSLT that produces the SVG. I didn’t build it to handle enough data points (bars were too wide, not enough graph area, etc.).

The cron and xmldb samples were really helpful in getting this working, both from a code perspective and from a functional perspective. As I stored XML in Xindice, I’d pop over to the xmldb browser sample and browse my collection to verify that it worked as expected. I used the cron sample OOTB to set up a task to run the DQL queries against Documentum on a schedule. Going forward, I’ll need to incorporate an admin/config interface into my app for creating the cron task and browsing the xmldb collections.