Last sail of 2004

Last sail of 2004 was New Year’s Eve day. The wind was perfect. It was a bit chilly but uncharacteristially warm for late December. I was good in a long sleeve t-shirt. Christy came with us for this sail which was also uncharacteristic. We sailed from 121 to Sneaky Pete’s and back. The return trip was in record time and on the same tack the whole way. We sailed her right into the slip.

I was impressed with my kids–they didn’t get bored (or at least didn’t express it) like they sometimes do. My son actually took a short nap in the v-berth. My daughter was excited that she got to take the helm for a little bit. Neither of them love sailing enough to suggest it on their own but given the choice between going and not they always choose to go. I think a lot of that has to do with wanting to be with their Dad and their Grandpa. As they get older it’ll be fun to see if they catch the bug.