Internal KM post on slashdot

This is an interesting thread on Slashdot. Someone asked about capturing, organizing, and sharing knowledge in an IT department and the majority of folks are responding with various wiki tools and open source portals. Although the question was directed at the needs of an IT department, the advice is probably applicable to any department in an enterprise, provided the UI of the chosen tool scores high in the usability department.

Knowledge Management for an IT Department?. Slashdot Sep 30 2005 8:25PM GMT [Moreover Technologies – Knowledge management news]

The key issues, as I’ve mentioned before are:

  • it has to be easy to contribute content
  • it has to be easy to find content (via search and possibly taxonomy browsing)
  • it has to be secure
  • it has to have all of the “-abilities” (eg, scalability, extensibility, usability, etc.).

Something like a combination of blogs, wikis, possibly a document repository, and a search engine for the whole thing ought to do the trick.