John Robb’s definition of a k-log

Here’s a good interview with John Robb of Userland about what a k-log is….There’s an interesting observation in the comments to this interview. There’s a programmer who’s been doing what I do (keeping a Project Notes type file) for years.” [Tom’s Blog]

I like the concept of using blogs in a corporate setting and I think the project notes file is a good idea, but the question I have about that is, wouldn’t it be better for you and that guy and anyone else, to put their tips and tricks into a corporate knowledgebase (maybe topic-specific) that everyone could easily share and contribute to? A project notes file doesn’t sound leverageable by the org. His sounded like he publishes his such that the whole org can get it, but still, there ought to be a framework for capturing that type of knowledge that encourages others to contribute.

I also agree with the comment-provider that blogs seem very one-sided when compared to a discussion database, and that it is harder to understand the context of a post. That may be something I will get over with more exposure and use.

Am I too hardened by my history with Lotus Notes? I am keeping an open mind but there do seem to be hurdles…