Documentum-Cocoon integration progress

When I dusted off my Documentum-Cocoon integration stuff I had to do a bit of a fix up. It seems that my WDK install had either rearranged some classpath entries (maybe different versions of JARs Cocoon dependend on behind its own) or made the classpath too long. In any case, I had to update the catalina.bat file to remove the WDK entries as a temporary fix.

I then noticed that when I ran any pipelines that used my Documentum-Cocoon components, they didn’t seem to be getting called. My loggers weren’t showing any entries and the page was just coming up blank. It turned out I had taken a little too much out of my classpath. Obviously, Tomcat needs to be able to find the Documentum DFC classes because my components rely on those. It was frustrating that no one was returning a helpful message to alert me to my blunder.

Something helpful in this situation is the Cocoon Status page in the Samples area. On that page you can show the classpath. If it doesn’t see the DFC JAR and the Documentum config directory, you could be in trouble.