Recent reads

Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe, by Bill Bryson. One of his earlier works. Not as funny as his others but still good, particularly if you’ve ever travelled to Europe.

South: The Endurance Expedition, by Ernest Shackleton. The author’s first-hand account of the expedition. Actually, I’m horrified to admit that I found this a bit hard to get through. I’ve already read and re-read the story so slogging through the details of being ice-bound in Antarctica was trying at times.

A Voyage for Madmen, by Peter Nichols. Very, very good. It is the story of the first successful solo circumnavigation and, simultaneously, the first round-the-world race. If you have never read Moitessier’s Long Way, read it as well. This one doesn’t get you into Moitessier’s zen-like mindset.