New minor release of Documentum-Cocoon integration

Here‘s a new minor release of the Documentum-Cocoon integration components. It includes the reader and generator components I referenced a while back and a minor tweak to how I’m handling namespaces. (I’m not convinced I’m handling them the way I should, BTW). I’ve mentioned needing to develop a Documentum-specific protocol but now that I have a reader and a generator, that doesn’t seem as important–readers and generators could be used as “internal” resources within a pipeline to retrieve things like XSL from the docbase to perform transformations.

I’m a little torn on what to work on next regarding this integration. I’d like a more elegant way to handle sessions. I can add single sign-on fairly easily so that when called from a WDK application the credentials would be passed to Cocoon and then used to create a session as the currently logged in Documentum user.

I’d also like to migrate the administrator dashboard prototype I’ve developed to use the Cocoon Portal UI framework.

Another idea is to use Cocoon scheduler to wake up periodically, execute a pipeline that reads data from Documentum, and persist that data either back to Documentum or into the Xindice XML database. This could be used to run historical reports, for example.

At Momentum I ran across a presentation by a fellow doing XML pipelining with Cocoon and Documentum. We exchanged information. If he posts his components for public consumption I’ll link to them.