Alfresco-Facebook integration screencast

Towards the end of the year there was a lot of coverage of Alfresco‘s announced Facebook integration, but if you weren’t at either of the user conferences, and if you didn’t get a chance to download, build, and install the Community Edition with the Facebook integration module, you may be wondering what it looks like. I put together a short (5 min) screencast to give you an idea. The screencast shows a new document library getting created in facebook followed by a document getting uploaded to the library. I then switch over to the Alfresco web client to show you how the files get stored in the Alfresco repository.

The screencast is on YouTube.

This is the first time I’ve put together a screencast. You have to kind of unfocus your eyes if you actually want to read what’s typed on the screen and there are a few places where my headset mic was too close to my mouth, but I don’t think either of those problems keeps you from getting the idea of how the Alfresco-Facebook integration works.

I used rev 1330 of Community 2.9 from Head. It may or may not have changed since then. If you want some of the configuration details, check out the Facebook page on the Alfresco wiki.