Alfresco Surf Code Camp: Do-It-Yourself

Did you miss the Alfresco Surf Code Camps? I’ve got you covered. With Alfresco’s blessing (they wrote most of the content, after all) I’ve uploaded the Optaros Alfresco 3.0 Surf Code Camp instructor presentations and class labs to

You might start by looking at the agenda to get an idea of the order you should progress through the lecture and labs. Then, move on to the introduction. Use the agenda to guide you through the rest.

The labs will be a little bit more painful than they were in-person. That’s because for the in-person camps, we used a virtual machine image that had everything pre-installed. For the DIY Code Camp, you’ll need to set this up yourself. To approximate what was on the image:

  1. Install the Alfresco-Tomcat bundle.
  2. Install a second Tomcat instance. This will be your Surf tier.
  3. Build a fresh Surf war. It’s in the “web framework” project in the source code. It will produce a WAR called alfwf.war.
  4. The labs will refer to “”. I had an file for just about every lab. For this setup, I’ve just got one zip, which is the entire solution source available for download. So when you see that, you’ll have to pick through the solution to find the file dependencies. Sorry.

The image we used for the class ran on 3.0 Labs from head circa mid-November. I believe people have had success running on 3.0 Enterprise. I haven’t tested on Labs 3 Stable. If someone tries it please post a comment here to let us know your degree of success.

The Code Camp doesn’t cover Web Studio. I’ll leave that up to someone else–I’ll be happy to link to it.

UPDATE: Making you find your own dependencies for the labs was lame. I had a few extra minutes so I pulled them into a Code Camp Assets file organized by lab/walkthrough. Now you’ve got no excuse.