Alfresco Developer Guide source code update for 3.2 Enterprise

I’ve updated the source code that accompanies the Alfresco Developer Guide to be compatible with the recent 3.2 Enterprise release of Alfresco. You can get the link from my original post on the source code re-org, or download it directly.

Most of it hasn’t changed terribly much. The BootstrapAuthorityCreator class, which you don’t need unless you are playing with the AMP example in Appendix C, isn’t working yet due to changes in the AuthorityService with 3.2 Enterprise.

The biggest change is in the LDAP configuration (Chapter 9). Overall, setting up LDAP authentication and chaining has gotten much easier in 3.2 Enterprise. But the configuration is much different than in previous releases (See the Alfresco wiki pages on Subsystems and the Authentication Subsystem for more info).

I don’t have CAS SSO working with 3.2 Enterprise quite yet, so the authentication filter included in the Chapter 9 source code is commented out for now.