Two oldies but goodies: Screencasts showing Alfresco, Drupal, and Open Atrium

Back when I was at Optaros and CMIS was first showing up in Alfresco in draft form, we developed the Drupal CMIS module. We had a few customers interested in combining the two technologies but I think we were a few years ahead of our time. Now it seems I come across people wanting to combine the two nearly every week in IRC, the forums, or in internal discussions. Alfresco has contributed additional modules for Drupal integration. And multiple partners have full-fledged solutions or service offerings built on top of both.

Optaros has changed their web site a bit since those days and a couple of screencasts I recorded back then have been removed. Because so many people are still interested in this topic, I’ve posted them on YouTube, with Optaros’ permission (thanks!).

So, if you want to see some examples of Drupal and Alfresco working together, here are a couple of screencasts from the archive…

Drupal Plus Alfresco (Original post, 4/7/2009)

Open Atrium Plus Alfresco (Original post, 10/13/2009)

Drupal, Open Atrium, the CMIS modules, and Alfresco have all progressed since then, but the general gist is the same.

Thanks to Optaros for letting me make these available!