Who would you most like to meet at Alfresco Summit and why?

Every year I create a list of “community stars” and I send them a free pass to our annual conference. Some of the things I use to create my list include things like forum helpfulness, #alfresco IRC presence, mailing list activity, meetup hosts, participation in contests, wiki edits, blog and book authors, open source add-ons, contributions to the product (bug reports ,fixes, new features), and activity on stackoverflow.com.

But a key ingredient that has always been missing is you. Of course, you’ve given me your input indirectly–when you award someone points in the forum or you link to one of their blog posts you are boosting that person’s standing in our community. But now I want to ask the question explicitly: Who from our community would you most like to meet in-person at Alfresco Summit and why?

Note that my definition of the Alfresco community is always all-inclusive: employees, partners, customers, and other community contributors, regardless of which specific product they use, all participate in our ecosystem. For this, I’m looking for non-Alfresco employees. Most likely, if you can name an Alfresco employee, they will be at Alfresco Summit.

If you want to name someone publicly you can comment on this post or send a tweet and cc @jeffpotts01. If you’d rather nominate someone privately, feel free to send me an email. My Alfresco address is jeff dot potts at alfresco dot com.

Be sure to specify Boston or Barcelona.