Updated tutorial: Introduction to Alfresco Web Scripts

I have published a new version of my Introduction to Web Scripts tutorial. This is a major revision that refactors the tutorial to leverage the Alfresco Maven SDK and AMPs. In addition, I have done a little bit of reorganization to improve clarity and a lot of wordsmithing to make the tutorial more consistent with the others in the Alfresco Developer Series.

By the end of this tutorial, you will know how to:

  • Extend Alfresco with your own custom RESTful API.
  • Write web scripts that respond to GET, POST, and DELETE requests over HTTP/S and return data in both HTML and JSON.
  • Use the web scripts console to display documentation and debug info on your custom and out-of-the-box web scripts.
  • Make AJAX calls to your custom web scripts.

The tutorial assumes you already know how to use the Alfresco Maven SDK. If you don’t, take a look this tutorial.

The tutorial text and all of the source code related to it are on GitHub. If you see problems or opportunities for improvement, please fork the project and send me a pull request.