My Summer Project: a Book

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately, but as faithful readers have noticed, it hasn’t been in the blog. What’s the cause of the post slowdown? I’ve taken on a project that I hope you’ll be excited about. This Spring, Packt approached me about writing an Alfresco developer’s guide. Honestly, I went back-and-forth with the idea. Ultimately, it was the encouragement from readers that swayed my decision.

I began writing on President’s Day. I thought the Alfresco Developer Series articles would be a good start and would save some time, and they have, but they represent a relatively small portion of the overall work and I’m doing a fair amount of restructuring of that content. The current schedule has the writing finishing up toward the end of summer with us going to press some time after that.

Optaros is fully behind the project–there’s no way I could do this without their support. Alfresco is excited about it too, although we’re all expecting the timing to be a bit tricky with 3.0 coming out in roughly the same time frame. I’m currently making sure all example code runs on both the latest Enterprise release as well as the latest Community release–we’ll see if I can keep that up. It remains to be seen how much of the new 3.0 web client I’ll be able to cover based on the timing.

So that’s why posts and comment responses have slowed down a bit. I think I’ve caught up on responding to comments (and keep those coming, by the way). If you posted a comment within the last month or so and never saw anything from me, you might have a look to see if I’ve addressed your question, especially on the Web Scripts as Liferay Portlets post, which saw a lot of activity.