Surfing in D.C. with Alfresco’s new web application framework

If you are in Washington, D.C. today for Alfresco’s North American Community Conference please be sure to stop me and say hello. I’ll be in the sessions, in the Optaros booth, and presenting during the technical track. For my European friends, I’m sad to say that I will not be in Munich for the European version of the conference next week, but I will be in Europe at the end of this year or the first part of January so we can meet up then.

During the technical track (in both D.C and Munich) we will be showing some Surf 3.0 components we’ve built. One is called “Status”. It is kind of like a Facebook status or a Basecamp Journal entry. It allows you to say what you’re working on right now and what your mood is. A dashlet aggregates the status entries for all of your teammates across the site and another one shows status across all sites to which you are a member. When you mark it “Done” that status is archived. When status changes are made the new Activity Service is called so that if people are following site activity by subscribing to the activity feed, the status changes are included.

We’ve also got a simple “bookmark” component that lets you share URLs with other team members. As it exists right this second it allows a team to manage a set of shared bookmarks. Before it is GA we plan to make sure bookmarks are taggable and rateable and marked as shared or private.

I’ll follow up soon with a deconstruction of these components so you can learn more about how they work (and even contribute code to them if you want to make improvements).

Finally, we plan to leverage the Rating Service that was used as an example in the forthcoming Alfresco Developer Guide as the back-end for a five star rating component that would allow any Share or Surf site to enable users to rate any node.

These components will be available for you to add to your Share sites or any site built with Alfresco Surf. Our goal is to have them generally available by the time 3.0 Enterprise ships.

We’ll also be hosting code camps in North America and Europe so that you can learn to build your own Surf components. I’ll provide more details on those as they are available.