Get your Alfresco ‘flow on

With the busy holiday season approaching, it’s hard to find time to streamline your content-centric business processes. Here’s a tip: Buy everyone gift cards. Use the time saved to learn how to implement advanced workflows using Alfresco‘s embedded JBoss jBPM engine. This article and the accompanying source code should be everything you need to get started and then some.

The article starts by describing jBPM concepts and the high-level steps for implementing advanced workflows in Alfresco and then dives into the details by walking you through an example.

The example extends the “SomeCo Whitepapers” story from earlier articles in the Alfresco Developer Series by implementing a business process to enable SomeCo’s engineering team, marketing team, and third-party partners to review whitepapers before being published to the SomeCo web site.

The integration of third-party partners is handled through email–recipients simply click a link to approve or reject the workflow task.

As in prior articles, the source code bundle is cumulative–it contains all of the “SomeCo” code we’ve worked on thus far.

About the “Alfresco Developer” series of articles

The Alfresco Developer Series of articles is a collection of technical tutorials aimed at getting you up-to-speed quickly on the key aspects of Alfresco. The series covers extensions and customizations performed during a typical Alfresco implementation by walking through a realistic example that is expanded upon in each successive article. The content is based on real-world Alfresco projects executed by the Optaros ECM practice for clients around the globe.

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