Month: January 2003

Technology of the Year: Publish/Subscribe

Technology of the Year: Publish/Subscribe. A new breed of middleware vendors brought pub/sub messaging down to the desktop. With Kenamea and KnowNow, you can subscribe a spreadsheet cell to a topic that’s managed out in the cloud. An event published to that topic — such as an inventory update — automatically updates the spreadsheet. It’s true that you could do this kind of thing a decade ago, using NetDDE (Network Dynamic Data Exchange) on your Windows for Workgroups LAN. But pub/sub at Internet scale is far more compelling. [Full story at] [Jon’s Radio]

Switching news aggregators. I’ve been using AmphetaDesk for a while now, but I’ve finally made the switch across to another system. While AmphetaDesk has many desirable features, what was crippling me was the inability to mark items as “read”. When you are reading… [Column Two]

I’ve pretty much abandoned AmphetaDesk in favor of Radio’s aggregator. But, for internal folks who aren’t ready to maintain their own blog may want to use it or the other aggregator recommended within this post to aggregate blog feeds and other news sources.