Month: February 2003

Amazon just delivered some goodness. I got the Meat Purveyors and another one off the Bloodshot label, Making Singles and Drinking Doubles which is Bloodshot’s 100th release. Making Singles is a compilation of singles from some of their great artists like Ryan Adams, Meat Purveyors, Waco Brothers, The Sadies, and Kelly Hogan.

I really like the Meat Purveyors CD. It’s solid all the way through. Most of the songs are up-tempo, ultra-twang, drinking songs, for lack of a better description. The album reminds me a little bit of a couple of early Old 97’s titles.

My blogging is conflicting with my reading and vice versa. I’m in the middle of The Long Way and I’ve got Blue Latitudes on deck. The Long Way is really good but I think you’ve got to really be in to sailing to get into the book. It also helps if you’ve got kind of a Zen outlook on life.

You can check out my list of high seas reading here.

I am seeing more and more in the way of MP3 components for home stereo systems. They range from crude to cool. Some cache MP3s on an internal HD while others pull it from a workstation via ethernet or wireless. Another nice feature is the ability to play internet radio stations.
Here’s one my friend Dave found:


Groove 2.5.

Team blogging

The scenario shown in the screenshot uses Tim Knip’s Groove interop tool — a Radio UserLand add-in based on Groove Web Services — to create a genuinely new experience of team blogging. Until now, team blogging has meant that a group posts to a common weblog. This setup does that too, but it also does something I find much more powerful — it synchronizes the inputs to the collaborative process, as well as the output. In this case, the input is the combined set of RSS feeds subscribed to by the members of the shared space. Everyone knows that everyone else is seeing the same feeds. Discussion can grow around items in those feeds, and can take various forms: replies to the forum that receives the feeds, IM-style text chat, Roger Wilco-style voice chat. [Jon’s Radio]