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Plone books

Plone Live Review. I have been reading Plone Live by Michel Pelletier and Munwar Shariff of CIGNEX Technologies and I highly recommend it. Plone Live is one of several professionally published books on Plone. Other books include Andy McKay’s The Definitive Guide to Plone, Julie Meloni’s Plone Content Management Essentials, and Cameron Cooper’s Building Websites With Plone. Plone Live fits into this existing By (Seth). [Enter Content Here]

Plone book: Building Websites with Plone

New Plone Open Source CMS Book. Plone expert Cameron Cooper’s new book is out. ‘Building Websites with Plone’ explains how Plone works, shows how to use its many out-of-the-box features, and explains how this highly flexible system can be extended and customized. Built on the popular… [CMSwire]

I had to hit Google’s cached version of this page for some reason. Here‘s the link to the book at Amazon.

Open source and visible source.

Zope Corp.’s layered strategy of engagement with open source and visible-source communities is a compelling blend of the strengths of free and commercial software development. In two previous columns, Open source citizenship and Giving back to open source, I explored the tendency of enterprises to fork open source projects rather than join them. Pedhazur suggests that a commercial entity supporting both an open source base and a visible-source layered product can reduce the need to fork. By outsourcing code enhancements, the argument goes, an enterprise can enjoy single-throat-to-choke control without seceding from a project’s community. It remains to be seen how broadly this model can apply, but in cases where it does, what’s not to like? [Full story at]

In this two-minute clip, Zope Corp.’s Chairman Hadar Pedhazur describes the visible source model as a middle-ground option between the few large open source projects, whose direction an enterprise cannot easily influence, and the many smaller ones that enterprises can influence, but typically fork in order to do so. [Jon’s Radio]

Revisiting Zope. For years I’ve been following the adventures of Zope, an open source application server that is particularly adept at content management. The Zope engine and its layered applications are written in Python, and the whole system is built on top of a Python-based object database called ZODB. Having done a lot of Zope development myself, I know firsthand how powerful and productive this arrangement can be. Admittedly it’s an unorthodox approach that an enterprise IT planner might be reluctant to bet on. But as I learned recently on a visit to Zope’s headquarters in Fredericksburg, Va., some big organizations are doing just that. NATO’s worldwide intranet, for example, is based on Zope. [Full story at] [Jon’s Radio]

NON-PROFIT_NGO_SPRINT. Call for Participation: NON-PROFIT/NGO ZOPE/PLONE SPRINT To build Zope/Plone CMS for non-profit/NGO organizations in early formations. – We are looking for volunteers for one Saturday in a Month to build a site for a non-profit organization. – A team of three volunteers will be adequate. []