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Adobe acquires Day Software for $240 million

I’ll admit it. I did not see this one coming: Adobe announced today that it will acquire Day Software for $240 million USD. (Thanks, @pmonks, for the heads-up tweet).

Honestly, I thought Adobe would acquire Alfresco by the end of last year and I was surprised when it didn’t happen. They had done a big OEM deal making Alfresco part of LiveCycle and they did a gigantic Alfresco implementation as part of standing up Adobe’s acrobat.com site. Heck, Adobe even hosted Alfresco’s community event back in 2008. All small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, I know, but I can’t help but feel like the proud parent who’s daughter brought home a keeper, only to find out the guy’s been dating a hottie from Switzerland the whole time.

Day has a FAQ up on their site. As you would expect, Day promises that current customers have nothing to fear and that the products will continue to live on.

Day has some really cool stuff in both their commercial products and their open source projects (Sling, Jackrabbit). I hope the acquisition gives Day a huge injection of resources they are able to invest in the open source side of things.

Congrats to Erik Hansen, David Nuescheler, Kevin Cochrane, and the rest of the Day team!

Apache Chemistry: A Proposed Reference CMIS Implementation

Kas Thomas, over at CMSWatch, says a new Apache project is in the works. Chemistry is a reference CMIS implementation that has committers from Day, Alfresco, and Nuxeo. The goal is to provide a vendor-neutral reference implementation and compatibility tests around the proposed CMIS specification.

It looks like this will be a standard set of REST APIs and SOAP services that implement the CMIS spec and hook into a back-end repository. Not surprisingly, the first back-end the Chemistry team plans to support is Apache Jackrabbit, Apache’s reference implementation of the JCR API.