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Real-time and asynchronous collaboration, formerly known as groupware. Sometimes included as part of “Enterprise 2.0”.

Excellent BPM/workflow article

Just about every solution I’ve implemented over the last twelve years has been workflow-centric. Lately, many of our clients have been trying to slog through the–often political–business of understanding what “workflow” really means. Usually it is in the context of trying to determine when to use a standalone workflow engine versus the workflow functionality built-in to a document management or content management system.

I don’t have an easy answer on that last point yet, but in doing research on the topic, I did stumble across an excellent article on “The State of Workflow” at JBoss’ jBPM site. If you are involved in workflow or BPM initiatives it is certainly worth a read.

Ray’s back

Ray Ozzie hadn’t updated his blog in quite some time but I didn’t have the heart to take him out of my aggregator. This morning, I was shocked to see his blog showing as unread in my Sage window. In his new post he gives us a prelude to something new he’s been playing with.

As a matter of fact, there’s a fun little project that several of us (inside and out) have been playing with for a few months that we’ve wanted to talk about more broadly, but didn’t have a lightweight way to get it out there. Now we finally have a reasonable way to kick off the conversation. Next week, perhaps.

I’m looking forward to finding out more about this and anything else Ray wants to talk about.

IBM collaboration enhancements

IBM Updates Collaboration Offerings. IBM has launched a broad array of software and technologies. The new technology and services are designed to give organizations the choice and flexibility to build the “front end” of their collaborative solutions – on a variety of client devices, from PCs to mobile devices. Along with new enhancements to Lotus Notes and Domino, IBM is introducing new WebSphere Portal and Workplace solutions. These three product families form the core of IBM’s collaboration portfolio. The new version of Lotus Notes and Domino, WebSphere Portal and the Workplace platform are designed to help organizations extend the reach and value of their back-end systems and all play a key role in increasing collaboration and productivity for employees, customers and partners. In addition to new software enhancements, IBM is also introducing new Workplace development tools, enhanced business partner programs and a new hosted solution that allows customers to leverage IBM collaborative software on demand. New products include: Notes and Domino 7, Workplace Collaborative Services, IBM Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) Self-Service Validation Site, IBM Workplace for Business Controls and Reporting (WBCR), and more. [Gilbane Report News]

Groupware goes head to head. Good to see that the Good Ole Domino Versus Exchange Rivalry isn’t dead. The authors of this particular head-to-head picked Domino.

We should also mention that many companies are showing an impressive return on investment with Lotus Domino and we’re not surprised. It features a more consistent framework than Exchange, its common toolkits are more tightly integrated, and above all it’s a much better platform for developing applications. Quickplace was also our preferred application for sharing information among small teams. We were able to move around Quickplace much easier and it only costs $89 per user. ZDNet Aug 25 2003 6:40PM ET [Moreover – Knowledge management news]